Take, Make,….. Re-create

Take, Make, Waste, Re-create!

Our traditional, linear economy of Taking resources, Making products, then Wasting them after use is getting us into trouble. Too much waste is filling landfill and causing environmental problems. It’s an incredible waste of resources and a short-sighted approach that will be superceeded, eventually, by a circular system. Smarter companies are already investing in new products or developing strategies to understand how they can maximse their benefit in the circular economy. This is why we are seeing some manufacturers experimenting with the services economy; selling the service, not the product.

I will soon be leading an introductory session on the circular economy for people who have not heard of the concept before. I have been thinking about using a video to help them understand the importance of re-designing products and eliminating the concept of waste.

There are many videos on the internet to choose from and a good starting point is here. I have chosen two; one as an introduction and a second to focus on one aspect of the circular economy.

This short video, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, provides a basic overview of the circular economy. It describes our circular natural system and compares it to our linear industrial system. This helps me introduce the concept of industrial ecology, and for that reason, I will start with this video.

This second video from the World Economic Forum targets what to do with end of life resources – upcycling. Upcycling, remanufacturing and recycling are a major focus of my project, so it’s very appropriate.

A focus on diverting products away from landfill is an essential part of the transition to the circular economy. Eliminating the concept of waste involves us shifting from a linear take, make waste economy to a take, make re-create process. This is all possible with a dash of passion, creativity and boldness to do things differently.


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