A brave new, carbon-aware world

It’s now July 2012 in Australia. Enter the carbon tax, and as yet, the sky has not fallen on anyone’s head. Solar rebates are not as glamorous as they once were. A certain bakery chain has been in the news for encouraging its franchisees to raise prices and blame it on the new tax. Today, the Australian economy is coping with an externality which is now a business cost and part of everyday decision making. 

The carbon tax is a dramatic change for business. You can’t see or touch carbon, but we certainly can account for it. Perhaps this is just the beginning of environmental ‘goods’ being accounted for in our economy. I know proponents of a biodiversity index would like to think so.

It is certainly tough for manufacturers out there, already struggling with a high Australian dollar, cheap imports and rising costs. In my view, it is only innovative companies who will survive. Those that take advantage of the government’s incentives to install energy efficient equipment, or invest in ‘proof of concept’ projects that offer carbon reductions or innovative new products.

Rather than spending valuable time and resources on attempting to escape the carbon juggernaut, I think now is the time for radical innovation. Let’s focus on improving business efficiencies beyond what we think is  possible. Let’s explore new opportunities to create value.

In this innovative spirit, I thought I would share a fantastic blog post from Umair Haque. In reading it, I hope it provides some inspiration for how to Declare your Radicalness.


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